“I purchased my first hearing aids in January 2011. I was 68 years old and my hearing had been deteriorating for some time. I did a lot of research: I read user reviews for all the major brands; I compared prices and features. I selected Audibel, not because they were the lowest cost (They weren’t!), But because of the attention I was given by the audiologist at the University office. I was told at the time that I could expect 5 years of service before I would need stronger instruments. It’s been 6 years and I just got my new A4 Platinum Wireless… They are wonderful! Anny Fernandez did a terrific job customizing them for my specific needs (she tuned them for my wife’s voice which has made our home life much more pleasant.) The big difference between my first purchase and these new ones is that; This time I did no comparison shopping… It was not necessary. In the six years I had my original instruments I had regular adjustments, cleaning, and a couple of minor repairs. My total out-of-pocket for this service was… zero! So my purchase decision this time was quite simple: I had gotten six years of good performance from the instruments, quality service from the University staff and Ms.Hernandez gave me a very professional presentation of the features of the new devices. All of this and the confidence that I won’t have service charges in the future made my decision very easy… I am a very satisfied customer.”