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Meet the Staff

Donnie Limeberry, HIS

Hearing Instrument Specialist

Very thorough in the check up appointment got my hearing aid settings adjusted well as well as information regarding an up grade !!!!!very happy with the service !!!!

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Tim Convery, on Google

I went for a follow up appointment. I am extremely satisfied with the ear pieces I have and the customer service is second to none! I would recommend audibel and more importantly, this particular office!

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Michael Misgen, on Google

Donnie and Brianna are a blessing and, I don't believe it was a coincidence how I ended up going there!

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Divid Manot, on Google

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Ginny Broph9y, on Google

Always personable and professional caring service.

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Kenn Sidorewich, on Google

i was vacationing in Clearwater and my hearing aid stopped working properly, so i called and had it fixed in no time, Donnie cleaned it and dehumidified it and made the rest of my vacation more enjoyable, Brianna was so professional and competent, i will always recommend Audible to anyone...

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Michael Ford, on Google

This place has been amazing to work with, the hearing aids have helped so much! I love that I can adjust them as I need too.They’re easy to use.

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Charisse Paskell, on Google

Good experience Good service. All personal friendly and knowlegable.

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Duane Black, on Google

Very helpful and informative

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Maria Terwilleger, on Google

I believe the best hearing aids that exist in the universe. Donnie the customer service representative is extremely knowledgeable and a genuine nice guy. We took an instant liking to him. Obviously their business is to sell hearing aids but I never felt I was being hustled. It is expensive...

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Creiglee Speed, on Google

Donnie knew his stuff. The receptionist was nice and polite. I am still thinking about a purchase. Great job.

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Gene Yauchler, on Google

Friendly fast & knowledgeable

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Linda Lindsey, on Google

Very cordial and thorough going over the hearing devises. Appointment right on time.

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Vern Watters, on Google

Both the receptionist and the audiologist were very professional and helpful. I would highly recommend audiobel.

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Britt Ward, on Google

I was at Audibel on Wednesday and,as always, it was a very pleasant experience. I always feel so welcome from phone calls to working with Donny, who is the most professional. I have been working with Audibel for more than 2 years and it is consistently a good experience and...

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Linda Miranda, on Google

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Linda Kalajainen, on Google

I had an extremely informative, pleasant office visit today with Donnie Limeberry HAS … his professionalism and knowledge was impressive and very much appreciated… Jack E. Rashkin MD

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Jack Rashkin, on Google

Donnie knows what he is doing and takes time with you

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Kathleen Sherman, on Google

Very clean facility, professional yet friendly staff!

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Leslie Wilhelm, on Google

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Scott Gomes, on Google

I have had hearing tests and seen other audiologists in the past but I have never had anything even close to my experience with Audible. I got an understanding of my hearing problem like I never had before. It was very thorough and I was able to try the hearing...

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Dallas Thacker, on Google