“I just purchased my second pair of hearing aids. My first were from a competitor who sold a good product but not as good as the pair I now have from Audibel. They are easier to care for. Much better hearing. And I get three month checkups to have my ears cleaned of wax buildup. This is no small matter as I have extremely small ear canals. Anny’s skilled hands gently but most certainly removes the wax ans restores my hearing. Anny’s knowledge and her delightful personality makes coming in for checkups both pleasant and reassuring. In addition to the hearing aids, I also purchased the remote hearing device. I could have gone with an app for my iPhone, however, the Audibel remote has an additional feature that I can hardly live without. Remote microphones that permit me to have conversations with people in noisy places like restaurants. With the device, I can adjust the sound level while watching tv and not have it bother my wife. Using my iPad as a radio, I can utilize the Bluetooth capabilities of my remote to transmit my favorite radio programs directly to my hearing aids when I’m working in my shop! Now that is totally awesome! Thank Anny! Thanks Audibel!”