“I have worn hearing aids since I was 32. I have had many brands among which were Miracle Ear, Siemens & Beltone. I am aware of what a hearing aid is supposed to do. I have a severe loss & I am aware of it. I have been told my loss is so severe that there is not anything that can be done. However, since I have been to Audibel & especially working with Tony Carbone, I didn’t realize how severe my loss was. He has helped & encouraged me & makes me feel like I am the only one on his agenda. I know if it isn’t right all I have to do is tell him what is wrong & right away starts working on the problem. I can only have good things to say about Audibel and the way they perform. And believe me, after all of the hearing aids I have had, I am well qualified & Tony is the BEST!”