I originally started with the Audibel office in Ocala, almost 3 years ago. I had never had a hearing test before so I didn’t know what to expect. After being tested, I was told that I would do better with hearing aids. Long story short, after coming to the Inverness office and meeting James and Tammy and starting all over from square one, my husband and I learned so much in less than an hour with James, than the almost 3 years I was patient at the Ocala office. James is VERY professional and VERY through. He explains very step of the testing process with you. He told us how every Audibel patient is “FAMILY” and that is truly how him and Tammy make you feel! Tammy went above and beyond to get me an appointment to see James since I was already over one month over due for a check up because of the Ocala office closing. I cannot say enough good things about both James and Tammy. After meeting them and seeing that wonderful office and such top notch equipment, I will think nothing of driving 40 minutes to see them again and have them take care of all my hearing needs. My husband was so impressed he wants to have James test his hearing! I would highly recommend anyone to go to the Inverness office for any hearing issues, James and Tammy are the BEST!!