“I suspected I had a hearing problem and finally decided to find out for sure. I made an appointment for a free hearing test with a company I saw on Facebook. Then, because a friend recommended them, I also made an appointment with Audibel. I kept both appointments, trying to get a feel for how these companies present their products to their customers. The difference between the two was incredible. For one thing, Audibel’s testing was much more thorough and the hearing specialist actually fitted me with free hearing aids to try at home for a few days. The first thing I noticed leaving the office was birds singing. I realized I hadn’t been hearing their songs until I got the test hearing aids. When I got home I had to tell my wife I was wearing hearing aids because she didn’t notice them. The same thing happened when my kids tried to figure out what was new with Dad! After a few days, I returned to the Audibel office to actually decide which type of hearing aid to purchase. I never felt pressured and all my questions were answered in a friendly and professional manner. I’ve been wearing them for a little over a month and am extremely pleased. The tiny hearing aids have become part of me for the 10-12 hours I use them every day. I don’t even notice I have them on and most people have no idea I wear hearing aids unless I bring it up. I have surprised many friends this way. I ran into a neighbor recently and told her about my experience with Audibel. She laughed and told me she too had purchased hearing aids from Audibel about a year ago and loves them. She wouldn’t go anywhere else. We both recommend Audibel wholeheartedly.”