In my case, “Woohoo! As good as it gets” is not an overstatement. I am a travel and culture writer, and while in Buenos Aires, Argentina, I lost one of my hearing aids when I removed my sunglasses one afternoon. I contacted this store in Port Richey where I had originally bought my hearing aids, and they arranged to send me a replacement, and in ten days my replacement, properly calibrated for my hearing, arrived at Argentina’s Customs in Buenos Aires, 6,000 miles away. To make a long story short, I was informed by Argentina Customs that it would require a $1,000 cash bribe to get my hearing aid. So I told them to return my hearing aid to the Sender (Audibel in Port Richey). In retaliation for refusing to pay a bribe, It took Argentina Customs five months to return my hearing aid to Audibel. Audibel kept it for me until I informed them when I was returning to Florida, and when I got home my hearing aid was delivered to my front door, in perfect working condition, and without charge. Federal Express however charged me over $100 for “storage” in Argentina and return shipping. I cannot express how much it meant to me to deal with such honest, competent, conscientious, and caring people like Candace, Elizabeth, and the specialists Maggie and Michelle at the Port Richey, FL Audibel office. Even though I have yet to meet these folks, they stay in touch and inquire about how their product is performing for me. It was a vivid reminder to me how we don’t always appreciate great service until we are confronted with the extreme opposite! Thank you, ladies, and thank you Audibel!