“I am a new hearing aid user and very thankful to Audibel. I was extremely pleased with my first visit and my follow up visits with the Port Richey office. Their understanding of my hearing loss, professional approach, and product knowledge was great. I feel I have been given fantastic customer service, Roxanne was very informative, helpful and caring enough to hear my issues and concerns, even told me to give Audibel a try. After speaking with several other hearing aid companies I was ready to give up because I didn’t think I could get hearing aids because of the cost, and Audibel has changed my life. I no longer get frustrated due to the fact that I can’t hear what my family is saying. These last four weeks have been awesome, it’s like a whole new world I can hear with such clarity, and it’s a wonderful feeling. I am very thankful to Erica, Roxanne and Audibel for making it possible to get a hearing aid. You guys ROCK!!!!