“After hearing myself say ”what” too many times and my family suggesting that I might want to consider getting a hearing aid, I decided to put aside denial and look into the matter. I began to seriously pay attention to the TV commercials and considered the in mail advertisements. I settled on Audibel for two reasons. 1. Because their product is made in the United States and 2. Because of the fish silhouette in the bottom right hand corner of their commercial. At Audibel I found a professional knowledgeable and caring staff. I have had my hearing aids for almost a year and the assurance that my contract with Audibel would insure that I have the most up-to-date, comfortable and effective aids available. It also helped to know that if something should need attention when I’m back in my home state, that there is a location there to which I could take the device for service. If you are considering the purchase of a hearing aid, I can assure you that at Audibel you will receive the same consideration and care that I did, and still do.”