“I have been wearing Audibel hearing aids for just under four years. I started with the inner ear type. Those work well and I continue to use them through today for my activities where I am taking sunglasses on and off and tend to sweat. About two years ago, I decided it would be beneficial to get a pair of the outer ear type as they far better sound reception because of the multi-directional microphones, specifically the platinum wireless. This combination of hearing aids has really worked well for me. About a month ago, on a routine “tune up”, my new technician, Anny Fernandez, noticed that my hearing aids where functioning intermittently. I expounded on the problem, and she suggested we send them off for repair. As it turns out, living on the beach caused my hearing aids to corrode inside and short out from all the moisture in the air. Audibel replaced both my hearing aids with a brand new pair. Now whenever my aids are not in use, I store them in an air tight Hearing Aid Dehumidifier which they sold me for $10. I am very impressed with Anny’s concern to see what my aids were repaired and replaced and I will continue to be a loyal customer!”