For many years my husband missed out on a lot of things.He wasn’t able to hear the message the preacher was giving. At the theatre he had to wear the “hearing impaired headphones”. I also had to help him out when we went out to eat at restaurants or simply trying to communicate. All of this took place because we weren’t able to afford new hearing aids. One unexpected day, my husband decided to take his old hearing aids to see if they could be fixed. Unfortunately they couldn’t. Then he had a hearing test done. We explained to the tech what our financial situation was, she stepped out of the room and made sure we didn’t leave until we had worked something out. She had spoken with the owner. Needless to say I was very touched. My husband got hearing aids! Thanks to Mr. Wheeler for such a blessing! We will be eternally grateful. Now, my husband can enjoy the beautiful songs of birds, singing, and so much more. Your staff was amazing also, they waited for me to end my day at work so that I could be able to come in. Thanks again for such a beautiful blessing!