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We offer affordable hearing aid technology in Spring Hill, FL

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We offer affordable hearing aid technology in Spring Hill, FL

Hearing Aids in Spring Hill, FL

  • 11186 Spring Hill Drive
  • Spring Hill, FL 34609

  • Phone: (352) 200-2034

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Nick Boehm



Spring Hill, FL testimonial"My right ear has had hearing loss for more than 35 years. I would turn my head so people could whisper in my left ear before I could hear them. I got my hearing checked by an ENT and Miracle Ear. Both told me I had conductive hearing loss and told me the only way to correct it was surgery. I came to Audibel and James was the only one that told me that a hearing aid might work. It has worked like a charm. I can hear people whisper in my right ear for the first time in years!" - Jerri Vinton, Spring Hill, FL



Patient Testimonial

"Since my first visit to Audibel, James and his staff have been incredible. My life has changed drastically. I am so thankful for being able to hear again. I enjoy TV, family and friends more. Thank you Audibel!" - Donata Hughes, Spring Hill, FL





Spring Hill, FL testimonial"I have been a patient at this office for about a year and a half. Every time I need an adjustment it's always been pleasant and accommodating. Jim is an excellent specialist and I will recommend him to anybody!" - Anna Nelson, Spring Hill, FL





Spring Hill, FL testimonial"It's always a pleasure visiting the office. The staff is very professional, thorough and is willing to listen to all of my whims. I have recommended several of my friends to get fitted for hearing aids by them. I always leave with good thoughts after my follow up visits. I'm happy with my hearing aids." - Ann Martin, Spring Hill, FL 

"I went to Audibel and got tested. They are very patient and take their time. Everybody in the office is very pleasant and helpful. I can now, which is great! Audibel's staff from the front desk to the specialists are great! Best of all I can hear!" - Margaret Roberson, Spring Hill, FL