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We offer affordable hearing aid technology in Port Charlotte, FL

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About Us

We offer affordable hearing aid technology in Port Charlotte, FL

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Brad Wagner

Brad Wagner, HIS

Hearing InstrumentSpecialist

Brad Wagner was exposed to the challenges of the hearing impaired community at a very young age as both his mother and sister were born with a profound hearing loss. This personal experience encouraged him to become involved in this field. He was licensed in 2002 and Nationally Board Certified in 2005. He has helped thousands of people over the past 12 years of his career and has chosen Audibel to meet all of his patient’s unique and individual demands. With hearing loss so close to home, he understands that one-on-one patient care is the only way that truly meets the needs of each specific patient. Brad Wagner is eager to assist the community and is proud to call himself an Audibel Hearing Aid Specialist.



Port Charlotte, FL testimonial

"I bought hearing aids from another company, voices were either too loud or too soft and in a crowded restaurant I always had to reomve them because of over-powering noise. My Audibel aids were efficiently programmed so that the sound of voices were more natural and I was able to hear better in noisy surroundings. I am so happy with my new aids and I would recommend Audibel to anyone looking to find a solution for hearing better." - Ruth Levy



Port Charlotte, FL testimonial

 "My life is so much better! I now hear everything clearly, where before I was missing parts of conversations and was having difficulty hearing the TV and radio. My wife and the people I work with at my part-time job have noticed a big difference since I started wearing my Audibel hearing aids. Brad is extremely competent at what he does and is very knowledgeable about the Audibel products. He does an exceptional job of testing for the aids and fitting them. Brad conducts himself in a very professional manner and is always on time for any appointment. he is very accommodating and provides quality service. My hearing aids and I are a good fit because of Brad's dedication to his work. He is definitely an asset to Audibel." - William Hanlon, Port Charlotte, FL


Patient testimonial, florida

 "I have had hearing problems for years. I have tried other aids and then I switched to Audibel and now I can hear so much better. I have been wearing Audibel for 4 years now and so happy that I don’t have to ask people to repeat themselves. I have recommended Audibel in Port Charlotte to my friends and the ones who have Audibel aids now are pleased with our wonderful Specialist Brad Wagner and his staff. Thank you Audibel Port Charlotte!" - Winnie Minkel




Patient testimonial, florida"My wife prompted me to go to Audibel because of my constant asking “what did you say” or “repeat that please”. I had my hearing checked a few years ago and was told nothing could be done to improve my hearing. I went to Audibel and Brad Wagner put me through the most comprehensive hearing test to the likes of which I have never had before. My wife was also part of the test. After the testing, Brad fit me with hearing aids that brought a dull world to life. I am hearing sounds I haven’t heard in years. I am able to enjoy being around people and hear complete conversations. You never know how much of life you miss when you can’t hear. I would like to say thank you to Brad and the staff at the Port Charlotte office for enabling me to hear again." - Bobby Giggleman


Patient testimonial

"After hearing myself say ”what” too many times and my family suggesting that I might want to consider getting a hearing aid, I decided to put aside denial and look into the matter. I began to seriously pay attention to the TV commercials and considered the in mail advertisements. I settled on Audibel for two reasons. 1. Because their product is made in the United States and 2. Because of the fish silhouette in the bottom right hand corner of their commercial. At Audibel I found a professional knowledgeable and caring staff. I have had my hearing aids for almost a year and the assurance that my contract with Audibel would insure that I have the most up-to-date, comfortable and effective aids available. It also helped to know that if something should need attention when I’m back in my home state, that there is a location there to which I could take the device for service. If you are considering the purchase of a hearing aid, I can assure you that at Audibel you will receive the same consideration and care that I did, and still do." - Hope Fitton


Patient Testimonial"I would like to acknowledge what a difference these new Audibel hearing aids have made in my life. They have certainly improved my relationship with my wife, as I don’t have to keep saying “what” and she doesn’t have to keep repeating everything she says. I have a severe hearing loss and this is the first pair of hearing aids (4 pairs previously). I can honestly say I can see a great improvement in my hearing.
I must say this would not be possible without the consistent help of Brad with setting and adjusting these hearing aids to give me the best possible results. I cannot say enough about his professional skills and knowledge unlike others, I have encountered up North. I have been extremely impressed with his assistance." - Steve Jasecko