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We offer affordable hearing aid technology in Plant City, FL

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About Us

We offer affordable hearing aid technology in Plant City, FL

  • 1408 West Reynolds Street
  • Plant City, FL 33563

  • Phone: (813) 754-4813

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Alicia RizzoAlicia Rizzo, HIS

Hearing Instrument Specialist

"My name is Alicia Rizzo and I am a Licensed Hearing Aid Specialist and I love being part of the Florida Audibel Team. For me, each day is about helping people enjoy a better life. For many years my father worked with deaf and hard of hearing children and their families. I was able to learn firsthand just how a hearing loss affects everyone in the family. It can be devastating and with the right technology, like we offer at Audibel, we can change a life of isolation into years spent enjoying each and every day. That’s why I come to work every morning and that’s why I love what I do."


"I am as happy as could be. I've been laughing, I've been talking, I've been listening, it's a miracle and I never expected it to be so good! I've been laughing a lot more and talking to people a lot more.  It's opened up a whole new world! They've made me a very happy person!" - Mina Saylor, Plant City, FL




"I love my new hearing aids from Audibel! I was missing a lot before I got these hearing aids, it sure is pleasant to be able to hear people again. Between 1 and 10, 10 being the highest, this is a 10 and my hearing aid specialist, Charlene is the best!" Mr. Green responded to Joyce's comment, "it's much more enjoyable talking to Joyce now because I no longer have to repeat myself all of the time." - Joyce Green, Plant City, FL



"Audibel Hearing Center has given me very good service. Hearing aids are working great and I love them." - Iris Caldwell, Plant City, FL 




Patient testimonial

“I want to thank Audibel for giving me back my hearing. At age 81 I wasn’t the easiest learner. Alicia was very patient bringing me through the process. Shawna was so very courteous and made me feel so welcome as a receptionist. I feel anyone with a hearing disability should give themselves the quality of life they deserve.” - Carolyn Roberts




"I just wanted to send a note to show my appreciation to Audibel for their excellent service. All of the staff I came in contact with were helpful and very professional. I never realized how much I was missing in the hearing world around me. Also everyone in my household appreciates the fact that the TV no longer has to be turned up to a uncomfortable level! Again thank you all so much for giving me a new lease on life!" - Norman R. Grisem