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We offer affordable hearing aid technology in Pasadena, FL

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About Us

We offer affordable hearing aid technology in Pasadena, FL

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Hearing Instrument Specialist

Rhonda Smith, BC-HIS

Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist

Hello, my name is Rhonda Smith, born and raised in St. Petersburg, Florida. I am a Licensed Hearing Aid Specialist and became Nationally Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences in May 2013. Due to my deep care and compassion for people I am dedicated to each of my patients and make it a point to treat every patient like a member of my family. I strive to improve their quality of life through better hearing. I love being a part of the Audibel network!



Mary Wartenbe Website Testimonial Photo" I had hearing aids for approximately 4-5 years. I had purchased these from Audibel and continued to go there for service. This past November I went back there because my hearing was failing. In order to continue to hear well I needed to upgrade and purchase new ones. After purchasing new aids in November I have returned just about a weekly to two week, adjust and find a sufficient comfort level. My experience has been OUTSTANDING and I owe it all to Rhonda Smith, BC-HIS. She is a credit to the company and a real professional." - Thomas Coughlin



Pasadena, FL testimonial"Some time ago I heard about Audibel Hearing Aids. I previously had hearing aids but wasn't pleased with them. Your Audibel hearing professional was very kind and listened to my hearing problems and with her due diligence she coupled it with the Audibel hearing aids and solved my problem. I've been pleased with them and especially with the assistance that I've received from her and her staff. - George Hickman, Pasadena, FL



Patient testimonial, florida

"Like many folks who miss much of the conversation taking place in a crowd, I was reluctant to go to a “Hearing Aid Store.” My previous experience was with a high pressure Sales Guy who did not have the proper corrective hearing devices that I needed. I finally bit the bullet and went to Audibel in Pasadena, and had the pleasure of dealing with Rhonda Smith, a true professional. She did a complete hearing test, fit me with the correct devices, with NO PRESSURE to buy. It was a very pleasant experience and I am back in the crowd hearing all the sounds I have missed for tears. I highly recommend Rhonda Smith and Audibel. - Tony Hall, Pasadena, FL


Patient testimonial"We have always had excellent service with Audibel and are always welcome, even when we drop in unannounced for a minor adjustment. Rhonda has always been helpful and gracious. She recommended a second hearing aid for my left ear in addition to the right ear. It has made a world of improvement in my understanding, especially for constants. Also I no longer irritate my wife by having the TV blaring, so I could understand the dialog. The WiFi addition to our TV has made the world of difference. I can listen without disturbing her, even when the TV is on mute. We would always recommend Audibel when anyone we know needs improvement on their hearing." - James Capkanis


Patient testimonial

"The service provided at this location during the necessary visits for the final fittings of the hearing device has been nothing short outstanding. The hearing aid specialist is knowledge, friendly and highly professional." - Marga Courtney 





Patient Testimonial"I didn't realize what I was missing until I got my new hearing aids. Now, I can carry on an intelligent conversation." - Marcia Grimes






"I went to Audibel in search of better hearing aids, after using other brands. I was fortunate enough to be tested by Rhonda Smith, who is a Board Certified Instrument Specialist at Audibel on Pasadena Avenue South, South Pasadena, Florida. I have worn hearing aids for many years and was thoroughly impressed by her intensive testing, which resulted in a much better quality of hearing. Also, Rhonda has an outstanding caring personality going to great lengths to make sure I had the best quality and fit with Audibel hearing aids. Because of Rhonda and the wonderful office staff, I will be happy to recommend Audibel to my family, friends and acquaintances." - Violet Blackmore

"I wish to express my gratitude to Rhonda Smith at Audibel Hearing Center for her skill, her attention, and her caring. My condition has improved since I was properly fitted with your new hearing aid. I am no longer in the "silent world" because of your help. Thank you for changing my life!" - Ann Mark

"My second time getting hearing aids, I was so pleased and grateful for the wonderful service I received from Rhonda Smith and her staff." - Claire Reilly

"There are two major steps for better hearing. The first is stop denying you have a hearing problem. The second step is to get out and see what is available. This was a great shock to me. I could not believe the improvement. They are designed to be discreet and comfortable behind the ear. The ear domes are extra small and soft. It's hard to believe how much I was missing until I received my hearing aids. I wish I had stopped denying and taken the two steps much sooner. After receiving my hearing aids the whole world opened up. The are easy to apply and remove. The most wonderful thing of all they are very comfortable. I don't realize I'm wearing them and because of their size no one else is aware. The follow-up care is fantastic. My advice is don't put off tomorrow what you can do today. Take the first two steps." - Rosalie Allred