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We offer affordable hearing aid technology in Largo, FL

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About Us

We offer affordable hearing aid technology in Largo, FL

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Located in Pinellas County 


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 Rick StegbauerRichard Stegbauer, Hearing Aid Specialist

My name is Rick Stegbauer, Licensed Hearing Aid specialist at Audibel Hearing Center. Since joining the Audibel family in 2007 it has been my pleasure to help many different families experience better hearing. Keeping our patients connected to the busy world we live in is my main focus. It is my goal to make sure that each person "stays in the game!" and continues to maintain a high quality of life as long as they can.




Largo, FL testimonial"We have been extremely satisfied with the service and products here at Audibel. Richard has always treated my wife and I with utmost care and we will always be grateful. Thank you Audibel and Richard, we are very fortunate to have found you. The last company and hearing aids we had, prior to coming to Audibel, cannot compare to your service and company. Thank you! - Francis Fenton, Largo, FL




Patient Testimonial"After years of having a hearing problem I went to Audibel and was warmly welcomed. They did a wonderful job of fitting me and adjusting my new hearing aids to my satisfaction. Thank you Audibel." - Walter Marchuk





Patient Testimonials"I have been coming to this center for quite a while now; and have purchased my second set of hearing aids. The latest was advertised as being a better aid that would improve my hearing ability, and low and behold, it did. I know that the aids help my hearing ability, because when I take them out at night my hearing goes down to a very low level; and I even have a hard time hearing my husband who has a deep voice. I want to thank Richard and AUDIBEL for the hearing help I am now achieving; without a doubt it was a great move on my part and a "super" suggestion on his. Thank you, thank you, thank you." - Elaine S. Lake


"I had hearing aids from another provider and knew it was time for new ones. I had previous experience with Richard at Audibel with my husband. I am very satisfied with my hearing aids. They are still quite new so Richard is adjusting as necessary. I can wear them all day with no discomfort and my hearing is so improved." - Barbara Mueller

Patient Testimonial"I have had Audibel aids for years and I wore glasses originally and had the over the ear aids. I lost 2 pair due to wind or they got caught in my hair and eventually fell out. Now I have new ones fitted for my ear canal. They never come move, I don't even know I have them in!! Thank you Audibel!!  Very satisfied with all the service and help." - Jane L. Sturgeon




"From the moment I stopped in to inquire about information for a hearing exam in 2012 until today I have been extremely satisfied. Richard Stegbauer and his secretary Corbi make you feel at home from the moment you open the door. I could not hear well at all and after a thorough examination and Rick's recommendations he started my life over. I was fitted for my hearing aid and all follow up visits were done so professionally. Rick cares about me and all of his patients. When I went home to visit and could actually hear my grandchildren it was a miracle. I was able to get my left hearing aid about a year or so later. I never even know they are in my ears because of how comfortable they are. I sometimes have to remember to take them out at bedtime. I have recommended Audibel to everyone I can. My favorite part is not only hearing again after years of missing out on so much, but having met Richard and Corbi. Every patient I see in their Largo office has a smile and its because of the professionalism and care that Richard and Corbi show to all. I sincerely hope you at corporate will take a moment to see how well your Largo, Florida office is run." - Anna Marie Mele

 "They have been determined to help me hear as perfectly as possible and it's worked!  So friendly, pleasant and helpful.  I'm completely satisfied." - June Hallam