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We offer affordable hearing aid technology in Clearwater, FL

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About Us

We offer affordable hearing aid technology in Clearwater, FL

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Robert GreinerRobert Greiner, HIS

Hearing Instrument Specialist

My name is Robert Greiner. Originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico, I grew up with three beautiful and loving sisters (most of the time). My father worked as a general contractor and my mother worked as a waitress doing her best to provide given my parents divorced when I was 6 years of age. I attended the University of New Mexico receiving my bachelors degree in Business Management and shortly after graduating moved to Florida with my father to be closer to family. I met my mentor and owner of Audibel, Michael Wheeler, who gave me an opportunity to help people in a way I never thought possible. During this process I have created a special bond with my patients that is difficult to put into words. It’s more than just a visit when my patients come to our office. It’s an experience that develops into a friendship geared towards trust and excellence. We hold ourselves to the highest standard to ensure our patients’ needs are being met beyond their expectations. Having the ability to impact an individuals life in such a way has opened my eyes as to why I am where I am at this given point in time. I thank the Lord every day that he has granted me the ability to perform in a way that honors him. I’m eager to see what is in store for the future of technology and utilizing all the tools necessary to help bring families together in a way that no other company is able to do.


Patient testimonial, Tampa FLI have experienced nothing but the highest level of professionalism and compassion since I decided to come to Audibel. Robert is extremely knowledgeable and has truly helped me become adjusted to my new hearing aids. I feel so much better. I am able to interact so much more with my family and friends. This experience has truly given me my life back. It is like night and day. Thank You Audibel, I am truly blessed. - Mrs. Margaret Voccola




Patient Testimonial

"Friendly, cheerful and very knowledgeable-this describes Robert perfectly. He thoroughly examined my ears and hearing, showed me the graphs and explained them well. My husband, a tough nut to crack, questioned my need at the time. He was patient and did not pressure. He let me try the hearing aids for the weekend and I did not realize how much I was NOT hearing before! Wow! We were sold. Robert is truly a very capable Hearing Aid Specialist. He keeps my hearing aids in good shape and fit for my needs. He is a real asset to Audibel. I love my computerized aids with the tiny ear buds. My husband now asks me to speak up for him! Thank you Audibel!" - Barbara Randolph


Patient Testimonial

"I have been using Audibel hearing aids for several years now and have been very satisfied with the improvement of my hearing and the care I have received. In my opinion, Audibel is the best."  - Charles Fisher





Patient Testimonial

"I'm amazed at how much my hearing aids help and the way they can be adjusted in different situations. I encourage anyone with hearing problems to come to Audibel. Robert is so very helpful. Thank you." - Naomi Chandler



"The employees of this office are outstanding. Very courteous and helpful. Robert really took his time with me to get my hearing aids adjusted correctly. He is very patient, caring and always friendly. I have always been treated as if I am very important to all the staff. They keep track and remind you to go and have your hearing aids cleaned without a fee. You can go in for adjustments without any questions or problems, and they work with you until it is resolved and you are hearing your best." - Marion Kelley

Hearing Aid Review in Clearwater, FL"I am now hearing and comprehending better than I have in over 20 years! I can now go into a busy restaurant, adjust the program and volume and actually hear what my wife is saying to me and not hear all of the background noise that had me removing my old hearing aids in the past."  - Nick D'Andrea Jr., Clearwater, FL




Hearing Aid Review in Clearwater, FL

"As a long time hearing aid wearer this is by far my best experience. My specialist has been very special in this process. The professionalism and knowledge exceeds my other experiences. They have taken the time to make sure that I am hearing at the best of my abilities. I am hearing like I never have before and my awareness of my surrounding has been heightened." - Gerda Massieu, Clearwater, FL



Clearwater, FL"Audibel has given excellent service starting with the kind and thoughtful Kari at the front desk. There have been follow up appointments with Eric to check on my progress and concerns. I am very happy with the entire staff at Audibel. Audibel has honored their guarantees and I wholeheartedly recommended them." - Angela Devito, Clearwater, FL




Clearwater, FL testimonial"I am very happy with Audibel after suffering from substantial hearing loss. I tried a competitive company making hearing aids but was not satisfied. Audibel has made the process of adapting to this new challenge very easy. The office has compassionate personnel from the receptionist, Kari, to Eric, the experienced hearing instrument specialist. They take extra care in ensuring total satisfaction with my hearing experience. I could not be happier!" - Jean Nothman, Clearwater, FL




"I've had hearing aids in the past, but Audibel has me hearing at my best!" - Barbara Caldwell