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Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

We are dedicated to improving the lives of the hearing impaired, one patient at a time. Everything we do is to help people with hearing loss enjoy the sounds, voices, people and conversations in their lives. We take great pride in helping people get back the gift of hearing—there is nothing more gratifying.

My new Audibel hearing aids are beautiful and wonderful! I can hardly feel them and can't even see them! Once you get use to them they are easy to put in. It's almost like my own normal hearing is back!
- Dorothy Kenesie

Like most people, I waited too long to admit that I had a hearing problem. But finally I did the research and about a year ago went to Audibel. I choose the facility located at 3534 Clark Rd., Sarasota, FL 34231.

Now I do not have to ask my wife or friends to repeat what they say nearly as often. Before it was difficult to participate in the conversation when out with friends at a restaurant - the background noise would drown out my ability to hear what was being said. I would simply sit there and smile a lot (which I do not do well). It was really embarrassing to answer a question that you thought you heard someone as you, only to find out that they had asked you something completely different! There is a special setting that filters out most of the unwanted background noise which makes being in a crowd enjoyable again. I could go on and on with specifics, but the bottom line is that my hearing aids that do a credible job and other people that make it happen. I can only speak when they develop a hearing deficiency. Maybe there are other hearing aids that do a credible job and other people that make it happen. I can only speak to the professional service and attention that one receives from Kevin Wagner and his office assistant, Sharon. Audibel's products have so many different settings available and Kevin knows how to tailor them to each customer's individual needs. The benefits continue to get better as I return for a periodic maintenance and fine tuning. 

If you suffer with a hearing loss, do yourself a favor and call Sharon and make an appointment to see Kevin.
- Dennis Bauman


Finally realizing I needed help with my hearing, I made an appointment with Audibel. Ashely couldn't have been more helpful. She explained everything. I made my decision and couldn't be more pleased. I no longer have to guess what is being said. I can hear clearly again. Thank you.
- Lois Charette

Patient testimonial"My new customized hearing aids are making my life more enjoyable. I've been an Audibel patient for several years. Coming from Michigan for the winter season, it only made sense to visit an Audibel Hearing Center here in Florida when I needed new ones. Joe Melchiorre's professional service helped me make my choice easy. His courteous demeanor, flexible appointment hours made it convenient and pleasurable. Rachel is a valuable asset to the office. She answered all my clerical questions and did all the paper work, also called to confirm appointments. Her pleasant attitude and smiling face are always welcoming. I don't want to ever be without my Audibel hearing aids~They are the best!!!" - Virginia Voight

Patient Testimonial "'What?' - That is how I used to respond to questions. As frustrating as it was for me, it was exasperating for those, especially my spouse, who constantly had to repeat himself. I can't express how happy I am that I finally got Audibel hearing aids. It was amazing to actually hear the first time exactly and clearly what was being said. When I got home, my spouse could not believe that I'd done it. He walked to different areas of our home to test me. And, I could hear every single word! Both of us are so overjoyed with my new ability. Now our conversations are so much more enjoyable and easier. I no longer need to concentrate or focus on people's mouths to get what they are saying. And "What?" is no longer my first response." - Ron Hunter

"Both my husband, Al and I had a very thorough hearing test with Ashley Smiles at the Palm Harbor Audibel Center. We are both happy that we went ahead with the purchase of hearing aids. Both the attention and service at the office has been wonderful. We certainly recommend them." - Maryann and Al Bailey, Palm Harbor

Patient Testimonial "When my wife ordered me to come to Audibel to get aids I fought her at every turn. Finally I gave in and lucky I did! The aids have been a godsend for me! They help so much and I cannot go without them. Brandon Audibel and Mr. Seaver have been world class to me in their professionalism and service!" - Steve Peet, Brandon

Patient Testimonial "To Audibel: I am writing to you to express my appreciation for excellent customer service which I received from Audibel. The staff was very warm and accommodating yet very professional in every way. A special thank you to Rhonda Smith for all her help. My new hearing aids have made a great and wonderful change in my life. I am so grateful to you all." - Paul Kurmay, Pasadena

Patient Testimonial"I first began wearing Audibel hearing aids when I was a professor and traveled internationally to teach. Audibel provided me an international number and representatives in many nations to help me if I encountered issues while travelling and teaching abroad. I have found all staff members to be helpful and accommodating. I am currently retired and my wife and I live in St. Petersburg. Our newest Audibel representative is Rhonda. She not only is professional and pleasant, but also very thorough in her examinations and tests and in her explanations to us. She has helped us understand what my exact hearing loss is, how it affects us and how the hearing aids can help, not to mention possible adverse issues that may occur from not wearing my hearing aids. She is a real blessing and I recommend her highly." - James Hoyt, Pasadena

Patient Testimonial"Not realizing how inadequate my hearing loss was; it was a total surprise as to what I was missing. Good product & easy to maintain. There was a whole world of sound that was gone. Having that back is most appreciated." - Carl Bradshaw, St. Petersburg

Patient Testimonial "I have had a hearing aid for close to 2 years now and it is amazing the difference it has made. The staff at the Brandon office are wonderful people and the Specialist is very attentive to your hearing needs. My hearing aid is so comfortable that I forget I have it on. Very pleased all around." - Ann Thomas, Brandon

"I just want to thank you and your staff for the fine work that you all do. You are very understanding and patient. I enjoy visiting your office." - Carol Fisher

Patient Testimonials "I am so completely satisfied with all aspects of my association with Audibel. Beginning with the friendly service from the front desk, to the professionalism in the overwhelming examination equipment room. My guitar sounds better to me than it ever has. Most importantly my social life has improved especially with being able to converse with my wife." - Albert Marcantonio

Patient Testimonial "When I came into Audibel I fully expected to be disappointed again. I have spent the last 5 yrs trying to get help for my hearing loss, and was just given prescriptions, told it was this problem or that problem, but ultimately no help and needless to say complete frustration, disappointment and feelings of helplessness. I saw a TV advertisement about Audibel and asked myself "what do I have to lose?" I didn't expect any kind of help nor did I expect any miracles. But a miracle is what I received! Mr. Stegbauer's specialist in training, Gina Ruccione, told me that Mr. Stegbauer is a miracle worker. I thought to myself "right". Well let me tell you, his/their professionalism, kindness, patience, and sense of humor, along with his/their wanting to do everything possible to help me was amazing. Having the ability to hear what I've been missing has so changed my life. I thank Mr. Stegbauer, Gina, and Lynne, along with Audibel for this life changing experience! Thank you!!" - Shirley Moffatt

Patient Testimonial "I’ve had hearing aids for at least 20 years. I’ve enjoyed my Audibel hearing aids very much and the special service by my hearing professional Keith Stegbauer. If you need help call Keith!" - Helen H.

"The Audibel hearing aid, certainly made a difference. When the objective is to be able to hear well. What I have experienced is the joy of being able to hear certain words and expressions that I had struggled with in the past. With my new hearing aid, there is no struggling. I can now hear EVERYTHING!" - Lazlo Piringer

Patient testimonial"I am so glad I have Audibel Hearing Aids. I now know I have missed a lot by not hearing what goes on. I would recommend them to anyone and I'm very pleased with the ongoing help with any questions or concerns." - Evelyn Straughn

Patient testimonial "I didn't realize how poorly I was hearing until I started wearing Audibel aids. I love them and they have made a big difference in my everyday life. The whole experience has been very pleasant and professional, from the first contact on. Everything was thoroughly explained from the new aids to the pricing and warranties. A very satisfied customer who is a long time hearing aid wearer." - Helen Morse

Patient testimonial, florida"When I first started my better hearing journey 3 years ago, I went with another manufacturer. With off and on use of their product, I became discouraged. I reached out to Brad Wagner at the Port Charlotte, FL Audibel. I am now able to hear voices clearly in a noisy environment without having to turn the hearing aids up or down. I'm overwhelmed with joy with my Audibel hearing aids. They have given me back my communication. Kudos!" - Ruth Levy, Port Charlotte, FL

Patient testimonial, florida"Since I got my new hearing aids from Audibel Hearing Center I was able to go to one of my favorite social events, Comicon, and for the first time I was actually able to interact with all of the different characters! I couldn't be more pleased with my new Audibel hearing aids and the staff at the Spring Hill locations." - Elaine Post

"I am extremely pleased with my Audibel hearing aids! I was experiencing problems with TV audio and social conversations prior. Now- nothing escapes my ears! Thank you, Audibel." - Betty Lyon

Lawrence Tidswell was referred by a friend and came in for his first appointment back in February because he knew his hearing was getting worse. Lawrence and his wife Kim live in Spain but stay down here in Florida a couple months out of the year. He came in recently saying his aid wasn't working, a few adjustments later he walked out with his aid working and happy as can be.

Patient Testimonial, FL "I thought I was too old to benefit, but with the patience and professional work of Keith I got fitted perfectly.  You're never too old, just act in time." - Ann R. Nichols, St. Petersburg, FL

Murielle Dorf has been a patient here at Audibel since 2009 and has had multiple sets of different aids. She walked into the office recently because she was having some issues with her aid, Ron took her back, fixed her issue and Murielle walked out telling us "We made her day!"

Patient testimonialFor many years my husband missed out on a lot of things.He wasn't able to hear the message the preacher was giving. At the theatre he had to wear the "hearing impaired headphones". I also had to help him out when we went out to eat at restaurants or simply trying to communicate. All of this took place because we weren't able to afford new hearing aids. One unexpected day, my husband decided to take his old hearing aids to see if they could be fixed. Unfortunately they couldn't. Then he had a hearing test done. We explained to the tech what our financial situation was, she stepped out of the room and made sure we didn't leave until we had worked something out. She had spoken with the owner. Needless to say I was very touched. My husband got hearing aids! Thanks to Mr. Wheeler for such a blessing! We will be eternally grateful. Now, my husband can enjoy the beautiful songs of birds, singing, and so much more. Your staff was amazing also, they waited for me to end my day at work so that I could be able to come in. Thanks again for such a beautiful blessing! - Amec

Patient Testimonial "It is with profound joy, that I express my satisfaction with Audibel hearing aids! Being able to hear all the subtle sounds of nature and everyday life is simply wonderful. My Tinnitus (ringing in my ears) has also notibly improved. Just not having to ask the question "can you repeat that?" is a blessing. All those little sounds like the clicking of the car's turn signal and beeps our appliances make. Oh, these hearing aids are treasures. I never take them out except to sleep and shower!" - Ed Lannon, St. Petersburg, FL

Pasadena, FL testimonial "Some time ago I heard about Audibel hearing aids. I previously had hearing aids but was not pleased with them. Your Audibel Representative was kind and listened to my hearing problem and with due diligence-coupled with the Audibel hearing devices-solved my problem. I've been pleased with them and especially with the assistance from the staff." - George Hickmann, So. Pasadena, FL

Spring Hill, FL testimonial "My right ear has had hearing loss for more than 35 years. I would turn my head so people could whisper in my left ear before I could hear them. I got my hearing checked by an ENT and Miracle Ear. Both told me I had a conductive hearing loss, and told me the only way to correct it was surgery. I came to Audibel and James was the only one that told me that a hearing aid might work for me. It has worked like a charm. I can hear people whisper in my right ear for the first time in years. " - Jerri Vinton, Spring Hill, FL

"Life is so much better and more enjoyable now that I am hearing much better! Thank you Keith!" - Janice Homer

Patient Testimonial"Since my first visit to Audibel, James and his staff have been incredible. My life has changed drastically. I am SO THANKFUL for being able to hear again. I enjoy TV, family and friends more. Thank you James and Audibel." - Donata Hughes, Spring Hill, FL

Audibel Hearing testimonial"I first noticed I had hearing problems when it was hard for me to understand women's voices on TV. Now since coming to Audibel I'm able to hear Downtown Abbey . My music is very important and when I play at the Tampa theater I can hear my music beautifully. The evaluation showed me how bad it had gotten. I wasn't hearing as well as I should of with my old hearing aids. I can also hear people very well in restaurants. I love the settings and being able to adjust my hearing aids with a remote has been extremely helpful. I'm very pleased with my new hearing aids! - Robert Perkins, Palm Harbor, FL

“I love my hearing aids. I wear them from early in the morning until the nighttime, and I couldn’t do without them!” – Shirley Tyler

Clearwater, FL testimonial"I am very happy with Audibel after suffering from substantial hearing loss. I tried a competitive company making hearing aids but was not satisfied. Audibel has made the process of adapting to this new challenge very easy. The office has compassionate personnel from the receptionist, Kari, to Eric, the experienced hearing instrument specialist. They take extra care in ensuring total satisfaction with my hearing experience. I could not be happier!" - Jean Nothman, Clearwater, FL

Patient testimonial"After twenty years of not being able to communicate at a normal speech tone (without shouting) I finally have my dad back. Since he has been using Audibel, Dad is part of the conversation - a contributor. Dad is no longer frustrated or feeling as if he is being left out of the immediate world around him. Dad is back to laughing, joking, giving advice and being a part of our family again. Thank you Audibel for giving my family our dad back." - Jo Wagner – Daughter of our patient Orlando Diaz

Port Richey, FL testimonial"I have been with Audibel since 2011. The staff of Audibel at the Port Richey branch has been very friendly, helpful and accommodating. They will go out of their way to make sure your hearing aids are adjusted to your needs before you leave the door. I highly recommend them for any hearing problems you may have." - Norman Buchbinder, Port Richey, FL

Spring Hill, FL testimonial" It's always a pleasure visiting the office. James is very professional, thorough and is willing to listen to all of my whims. I have recommended several of my friends to get fitted for hearing aids by him. I always leave with good thoughts after my follow up visits. I'm happy with my hearing aids." - Ann Martin, Spring Hill, FL

Spring Hill, FL testimonial"I have to tell you I came to Audibel and felt totally at ease. Every little thing was explained to me. I cannot begin to tell you how truly wonderful I have been treated here. What wonderful people work here." -Kathy Cimorelli, Spring Hill, FL

Hearing Instrument Specialist, Plant City, FL"I love my new hearing aids from Audibel! I was missing a lot before I got these hearing aids, it sure is pleasant to be able to hear people again. Between 1 and 10, 10 being the highest, this is a 10 and my hearing aid specialist, Charlene is the best!" Mr. Green responded to Joyce's comment, "it's much more enjoyable talking to Joyce now because I no longer have to repeat myself all of the time." - Joyce Green, Plant City, FL

Hearing Aids in Zephyrhills, FL Rosalie was fit with custom Audibel hearing aids. She survived polio at age 20 and was told she would not hear in her left ear. With her new Audibel hearing aids she hears better than ever. She and her family are very happy and thankful.

Hearing aid review Sun City Center, FL"My life was getting very difficult as my hearing got worse and worse. Even my relationships with people were suffering. My friends thought of me as being rude because of my not responding to what they were saying. Once I got my Audibel hearing aids life changed. I felt like I was once more a part of what was going on around me. Doctors say that when you can't hear your brain goes to sleep. My brain is now awake and life is terrific."- Jay Solow

Audibel hearing Center, FL My wife prompted me to have a hearing test at Audibel. She had gone there and was very happy with her purchase and service. I was hesitant but conceded. I was given instructions and thorough test before receiving my units. My wife and I are very happy with the professional service from my Audibel. Their follow-up attention was so great it makes you want to go back again. -Ray & Mary Pat Brown

"My hearing had become increasingly worse as time went on, to the point that I could barely hear conversations in some settings. Getting the hearing aids has changed that for me. I can hear things I had forgotten how they sounded! It's been a wonderful addition to my life. And I'm sure my family is equally elated since I'm no longer saying "huh?" all the time."

This place is awesome. Dr Paul and Marissa continually go above and beyond to make sure my Mom is hearing as well as possible. Always polite and concerned, they work with her whenever she needs help. Yes the hearing aids are expensive but they are quality materials and they do everything possible to make them affordable. I cannot say enough good things about his place and these people. -Mary Maxwell & Shirley Maxwell