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We offer affordable hearing aid technology in Tampa, FL

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About Us

We offer affordable hearing aid technology in Tampa, FL

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Located in Hillsborough County


Laura GonzalezLaura Gonzalez, HIS 
Hearing Instrument Specialist

When you change the way someone hears, you change every aspect of their life.  For this reason, I consider it a privilege to serve as a licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist.  When we help someone to hear, we not only reconnect them with loved ones, but also with the sounds of life.  Sometimes, patients have forgotten what it’s like to hear birds, trees, rain, and footsteps.  Throughout the years, I have encountered patients with both loss in hearing and sight.  Without exception, I am told,” You can take my sight, just don’t take my hearing.”

My name is Laura Gonzalez and I have been working as a Licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist for the past 15 years.  After graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in 1992, I spent quite a few years raising my three sons.  When I put the last one on the school bus, I literally said out loud, “now, who will I take care of”?  It was shortly after this time, that I was introduced to the need for helping those with untreated hearing loss and the love and care this position would require.  For me, it was a perfect fit.  I think of my office in Britton Plaza as my second home and many of the patients have become like family throughout the years.   Like all families, each patient is very unique and choosing the right hearing aid is very individual.  It has been exciting to continue to bring more advancement in technology that offers not only better sound quality, but easier use with the simple touch of a button.


Patient testimonial"I was getting ready to come in for a check up and I couldn't wait to finish washing and getting my hair done to put my new hearing aids in. They perk me right up! I am very happy and I only wish I got them sooner!" - Linda Franks, North Tampa, FL




"I have been a patient of Audibel's Britton Plaza office for over 15 years. I have always been able to be seen immediately (if I should have a problem) and routinely for updates and adjustments when needed. The personnel at the office have always been extremely considerate, helpful, and friendly, not to mention having the latest updates on hearing problems and how to solve them. The entire staff is committed to providing service in the most caring, nurturing and helpful manner. I can always reply on the dependability of my hearing aids and the attention my problems require." - Billye Harden

Patient Testimonial"When I first came to Audibel, I told Laura I did not need hearing aids, and I was just there to make my family happy. Now the first thing I do in the morning is put my hearing aids in, and they stay in until I go to bed at night. The hearing aids have made such a difference in my life because I can hear everything my family and friends say to me. I am so happy and grateful for my hearing aids." - Sharon Payne




Patient Testimonial"I was fit with the Audibel Power Plus hearing aids. Laura has worked with me to make sure I get the most hearing and satisfaction I can. I tell you these are the greatest hearing aids I have ever had. I have been wearing hearing aids since I was 14 years old and now I am 79 years old. Every time something new comes out, Laura always lets me know so I can come in and see what it does for me. This time it was FANTASTIC. No matter where I am, I can hear 99% of the conversation and I am so very, very happy. Also I would like to tell you that Laura is a caring and understanding person and I have told many people how great the hearing aid is, in hope that it could help someone else." - Beverly Copeland

Patient Testimonial"To begin with, Laura was very courteous, very on the spot once she knew what I needed. She successfully did her job and I'm very happy with my hearing aid." - Robert Canalejo