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We offer affordable hearing aid technology in Palm Harbor, FL

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About Us

We offer affordable hearing aid technology in Palm Harbor, FL

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Ashley SmilesAshley Smiles, HIS
Hearing Instrument Specialist

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”. Being a licensed hearing aid specialist with Audibel has ignited a passion for restoring one’s ability to once again understand conversation with friends, with family. I have seen the sad division of loved ones due to the frustrating nature of a hearing loss in the household, I have seen socially active men and women withdraw and isolate themselves from their favorite activities since conversation has become a burden to them and everyone around is tired of repeating. Don’t you know it doesn’t have to be like this? I want to help you regain what you’ve been missing for so long. I want to help you get back in touch with the world around you! I LOVE to see the delight in my patient’s face simply because we’ve worked together to restore the quality of their life that has been missing.




"Service is very good! The girls are nice. I hear well and they always check everything for me on my appointments! I've been a patient here for over 13 years." - Lina Jaeggle, Palm Harbor, FL

Hearing Aid Review in Palm Harbor, FL

"I cannot do without my hearing aids. The service is great and they take care of my needs!" - Herman Friesing, Palm Harbor, FL






Audibel Hearing testimonial

"I first noticed I had hearing problems when it was hard for me to understand women's voices on TV. Now since coming to Audibel I'm able to hear Downtown Abbey. My music is very important and when I play at the Tampa theater I can hear my music beautifully. The evaluation showed me how bad it had gotten. I wasn't hearing as well as I should of with my old hearing aids. I can also hear people very well in restaurants. I love the settings and being able to adjust my hearing aids with a remote has been extremely helpful. I'm very pleased with my new hearing aids!" - Robert Perkins, Palm Harbor, FL


"For the past few years I was not willing to admit that I was having hearing loss. There are some things we don't want to admit as we get older. But that time came and it was about time to do something. A year earlier I had my hearing tested by Audibel. I felt comfortable with the people. I was greeted by the receptionist Amber, who was very friendly and made me feel very welcomed. I filled out some paper work and waited a short time before I got to meet Ashley Smiles. She was very professional and knowledgeable during the testing period. She explained everything to me and, with her expertise it did not take much for me to make a decision. I came back a week later for my hearing aids and I can tell you, with no regret, I was very excited once I got them. So much my eyes began to water as I was now hearing things I haven't heard in years but never really payed attention to. I can't thank Ashley enough for giving me back my life of hearing. Since than I've had two follow-up appointments and nothing has changed, the service is the same excellence. If you are looking to hear once again, go to Audibel and ask for Ashley, you will be please with the results as I am." - Rudy Kazmierski

"I am only too happy to say that I have never received the level of special care and treatment that which has been provided by your Audibel Technician, Ashley Smiles. This woman knows her business. She has been able to make adjustments and modifications which were never offered to me by trained audiologists before. Ashley is very thoughtful and understanding. I last had the over-the-ear model and it was her that got me to try the in-the-ear model. I was resistant because I was told earlier that in the ear would not work for me. But, it was as a result of Ashley's patience and numerous adjustments that I walked away with satisfaction and confidence. It is as a result of her efforts that I feel that I now have a better fit and a better understanding of the workings of my hearing aids. Thanks to Ashley!" - William Bitner III