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We offer affordable hearing aid technology in North Sarasota, FL

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About Us

We offer affordable hearing aid technology in North Sarasota, FL

  • 8416 Lockwood Ridge Road
  • Sarasota, FL 34243

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Anny Fernandez



"A big thank you to Anny for helping to have Andy's world open up. Her evaluation was so complete and caring. She talked us through every phase of the evaluation and was so kind in her manner. We never felt rushed or pressured in any way. Appointments were set up around my schedule with no problem. Anny is an asset to your company." - Nancy Kovalchik

"I recently purchased a new pair of aids from your store 8416 Lockwood Ridge Road in Sarasota , Florida. And it was after a great deal of soul searching commit this amount of money. However, as it was with my first pair from Audibel... the aids are "value received" and certainly have made my world easier to navigate in. I would like to say a few words about your store professional, a delightful young woman names Anny Fernandez . Since 2013 when I bought my first aids from Audibel .... this store has gone through several audiologists....but none come close to the knowledge and compassion of Ms. Fernandez. She is very comfortable to deal with, has a supreme knowledge of her product and is fair in its representation. I want you to know that you have a winner here! Please see that she is made aware of this note... and thank you for that. I have sent two of my colleagues to Audibel because of the quality of your product and today all three of us are wearing your appliances. Thanks again for your service." - Dennis Honeywell

"I purchased my first hearing aids in January 2011. I was 68 years old and my hearing had been deteriorating for some time. I did a lot of research: I read user reviews for all the major brands; I compared prices and features. I selected Audibel, not because they were the lowest cost (They weren't!), But because of the attention I was given by the audiologist at the University office. I was told at the time that I could expect 5 years of service before I would need stronger instruments. It's been 6 years and I just got my new A4 Platinum Wireless... They are wonderful! Anny Fernandez did a terrific job customizing them for my specific needs (she tuned them for my wife's voice which has made our home life much more pleasant.) The big difference between my first purchase and these new ones is that; This time I did no comparison shopping... It was not necessary. In the six years I had my original instruments I had regular adjustments, cleaning, and a couple of minor repairs. My total out-of-pocket for this service was... zero! So my purchase decision this time was quite simple: I had gotten six years of good performance from the instruments, quality service from the University staff and Ms.Hernandez gave me a very professional presentation of the features of the new devices. All of this and the confidence that I won't have service charges in the future made my decision very easy... I am a very satisfied customer." -William Scarborough.

"I purchased my first hearing aids approx 1 month ago. Anny Fernandez is such an amazing person who helped me with all my questions, explained everything with a smile and a world of patience. She accommodated my work hours and stayed for my appointments. And the best of all - now I can hear my coworkers even if they are not looking at me. It is amazing that I didn't realize how bad my hearing actually was. The Lockwood Ridge office is the best! Knowledge and customer service combined!" - Heide Myrick

"I have been wearing Audibel hearing aids for just under four years. I started with the inner ear type. Those work well and I continue to use them through today for my activities where I am taking sunglasses on and off and tend to sweat. About two years ago, I decided it would be beneficial to get a pair of the outer ear type as they far better sound reception because of the multi-directional microphones, specifically the platinum wireless. This combination of hearing aids has really worked well for me. About a month ago, on a routine "tune up", my new technician, Anny Fernandez, noticed that my hearing aids where functioning intermittently. I expounded on the problem, and she suggested we send them off for repair. As it turns out, living on the beach caused my hearing aids to corrode inside and short out from all the moisture in the air. Audibel replaced both my hearing aids with a brand new pair. Now whenever my aids are not in use, I store them in an air tight Hearing Aid Dehumidifier which they sold me for $10. I am very impressed with Anny's concern to see what my aids were repaired and replaced and I will continue to be a loyal customer!"- David Riedlinger

"I have had a very positive experience with Audibel Hearing Centers. From the very cordial and pleasant receptionist, Mary, to the extremely professional and knowledgeable and kind audiologist, Michelle, my overall impression is that this is a great place to come for a hearing aid. My hearing is perfect now and comfortable to wear. Any adjustments necessary were made efficiently and successfully. I recommend Audibel Hearing Center at 8416 Lockwood Ridge Rd in Sarasota, Fl 34243 and can vouch for my complete satisfaction." - Rosalind Morin

"I just purchased my second pair of hearing aids. My first were from a competitor who sold a good product but not as good as the pair I now have from Audibel. They are easier to care for. Much better hearing. And I get three month checkups to have my ears cleaned of wax buildup. This is no small matter as I have extremely small ear canals. Anny's skilled hands gently but most certainly removes the wax ans restores my hearing. Anny's knowledge and her delightful personality makes coming in for checkups both pleasant and reassuring. In addition to the hearing aids, I also purchased the remote hearing device. I could have gone with an app for my iPhone, however, the Audibel remote has an additional feature that I can hardly live without. Remote microphones that permit me to have conversations with people in noisy places like restaurants. With the device, I can adjust the sound level while watching tv and not have it bother my wife. Using my iPad as a radio, I can utilize the Bluetooth capabilities of my remote to transmit my favorite radio programs directly to my hearing aids when I'm working in my shop! Now that is totally awesome! Thank Anny! Thanks Audibel!" - Stan Niemi