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We offer affordable hearing aid technology in Homosassa, FL

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About Us

We offer affordable hearing aid technology in Homosassa, FL

  • 5699 South Suncoast Boulevard
  • Homosassa, FL 34446

  • Phone: (352) 621-8000

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Hearing Instrument SpecialistJames Cunningham, HIS

Hearing Instrument Specialist


I have been a Hearing Aid Specialist with Audibel since 2009. I was a patient of Audibel for years before I came to work for them. When I was 14 years old, a rifle went off in a small bedroom damaging my hearing. My wife finally convinced me to seek help 26 years later. After hearing what I have been missing for all those years. I decided to help others hear better. I now have a very fulfilling career helping people hear better.



Patient Testimonial, FL"I came to Audibel because my tinnitus was driving me out of my mind! After being tested we found that I also had some mild hearing loss. James fit me with two hearing aids and adjusted them so that they also masked the screeching of my tinnitus and gave me relief, finally!" - Dianna O'Kelley, Homosassa, FL




"Being a first time hearing aid user at age 85 is a bit difficult. They do take some getting used to, but my local Audibel Hearing Center has made it a pleasant experience for me. From the first time I entered the office, I was made welcome and at ease. My hearing test was done in a professional but yet friendly manner. I am now so used to wearing my aids full time, I occasionally forget to remove them at bedtime. They are comfortable for all day use. The "little man" tells me what setting I am using, and reminds me when a battery is low and must be changed. The door bell, phone and microwave signals are now within my hearing range, and I enjoy conversation with friends much more." - Peggy Hammond